About Mission Circle

St. James Mission Circle

Yesterday and Today

Mission Circle was started in 1977 by our pastor, Father John Howard (back when his hair was black).  When he went to Tijuana to visit the sisters of his Eudist order, Father John found four nuns struggling to care for twenty homeless girls. They were living in primitive conditions and their funds were running low.  With support from his parish and a few dedicated volunteers, Father John started his “Project Tijuana” which soon became St. James Mission Circle.  The girls’ home was improved and expanded over time and it continues to thrive today with our support.

When these early Mission Circle volunteers saw the extreme poverty in Tijuana, they were moved to start new programs. A system of delivering food packages was organized.  A sewing program was begun.  Crews began to build solid 10’ x 20’ structures to shelter the people living in flimsy shacks.  This led to our volunteers starting the first Habitat for Humanity in the area.  Finally, Father John began to say mass in the city dump where many people eked out an existence as scavengers.

Today, we offer many new and different programs that reach out to the poor on both sides of the border.  Won’t you join us?  Help support our activities and get involved in one of our many programs or events shown on this website.  There’s something for everyone who would like to help.  Welcome to Mission Circle!